Marc D'Hooghe, Marc

dr. Marc D'Hooghe


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Autumn meeting of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology:‘Spinal cord and plexus’

op 19 oktober 2012 in Novotel Ieper Flanders Fields


Methylation defect in imprinted genes detected in patients with an Albright’s hereditary osteodystrophy like phenotype and platelet Gs hypofunction.

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Autumn meeting of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology:‘Cerebro-vascular disorders in children’

op 18 november 2011 in Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, UCL, Brussel


the Autumn Meeting of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology (BSPN) Brussel 19/11/2010. New Insights in Neonatal Neurology.

Hôpital Erasme, ULB, Brussel


The Spring Meeting of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Neurology BSPN)Gent 23/04/2010). Molecular Targeting Therapy in Central Nervous System Disorders.

Gent, Belgium

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